Welcome to the new website of Bulgarian Great Dane Club!!!

Bulgarian Great Dane Club was established in 1995 by MDV Emil Georgiev who was his President for many years. The date was 14th of March 1995 when 14 enthusiastic people, Great Dane devotees came along for their first Foundational Assembly. The Club was recognized by Bulgarian Court on 20th April the same year and is the only legitimated Club in Bulgaria for pedigree Great Danes. The Club is a member of BRFC ( Bulgarian Republican Federation Cynologique), FCI and EuDDC.

The Club’s aim is to breed typical, healthy and high quality Great Dane dogs corresponding to the level achieved by the best kennels in Europe. So the Club respects strictly all documents and rules of BRFC, EuDDC and FCI about the breeding, taking care and wellbeing of the dogs during all his history. The Club also pursues strict control over his dog’s pedigrees . All documentation related to breeding and pedigrees is kept accurately and exceptions are not allowed.

During the period between 1995 and 2018 in the Club were born and grown 287 puppies. In the breeding were widely used and 25 export dogs which makes our dogs equal and competitive to those produced in Europe and the whole world.

The people who had the biggest impact for developing and popularizing of this breed in Bulgaria over the years are MDV Emil Georgiev, Slavina Ivanova, Nargis Georgieva, Zdravko Stoychev and Daniela Stoycheva, Nadya Oreshkova, Dimana Sciba, Bogidar Georgiev, Polina Georgieva, Houshmand Salmasi, Maya Stoyancheva, Tanja Stoycheva.

In 2018 we decided to make some changes for our work to become even better. On 20th of May 2018 was elected a new Executive Committee:

1. Houshmand Salmasi - President
2. Chavdar Stiljianov - Vice President
3. Slavina Ivanova - Breeding manager
4. Radoslava Hristova - Secretary
5. Ekaterina Salmasi- Member